Spring Valley Debt Collection Defense Lawyers

New York Debt Validation Lawyers

If you owe debt to a person or company, they have the right to collect that debt. However, there are legal guidelines that must be followed in debt collection matters. Many creditors become so aggressive in their debt collection, that they lose sight of the professional and legal regulations they should be adhering to.

At Bleichman and Klein, we defend clients in Spring Valley and throughout New York and New Jersey in debt collection and fair credit reporting matters. Whether a creditor is threatening you with immediate eviction or is calling at inappropriate hours, we can help make sure creditor harassment stops.

Rules for Debt Collections

The law requires creditors to follow a variety of rules in their debt collection efforts, and if any of these laws are broken, you have the right to fight back. During their collection efforts, creditors must:

  • Have the correct amount that is owed
  • Be able to validate the debt
  • Be within the statute of limitations
  • Have accurate account statements
  • Track the time that the debt has been owed
  • Properly serve or notify the debtor of the complaint

Whenever a creditor acts under bad practices, you have the right to fight them, and we can help. We help clients dispute the debt and help them receive the validation of their debt. If you received a phone call or collection letter, it is important to contact us. Even collection letters need to be formatted in a certain way, and we can help make sure you are not subjected to unfair or illegal debt collection methods.

Fair Credit Reporting

There are three credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Everyone's credit score is determined by those three agencies. If they have incorrect information, it can affect your credit score, your ability to get new credit, your existing rates and your rates on new credit. We help clients dispute the erroneous entries, making sure the credit reporting agencies correct it. If they fail to do so, we can sue them for statutory and actual damages.

No Fee Unless We Make a Recovery

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